Discordian Glitch Analysis System (D-GAS) Type 4 (rendering) Glitches

Let’s look at various types of Glitches under the Discordian Glitch Analysis System, also known as the D-GAS.

4A. Observer notices the perspective of space or time does not line up with the observes eyes or current situation. Examples include seeing oneself in third person as if the game-camera end player model are out of sync with each other, astral projection, visual premonitions, and visual anomalies or glitches.

4B. Observer notices that their own interactions with the world around them do not make sense and effect other subjects in strange ways. This could include effects which appear to be telekinesis. This could be related to a type 4A anomaly or the type 4C anomaly.

4C. Observer notices one or more objects interacting in an unnatural way. Examples include a car driving through another car unharmed, a car crashing into nothing, or two objects inhabiting the same space. This would be stereotypical video game style anomalies.

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