Aneristic-Eristic Energy Matrix

The Aneristic-Eristic Energy Matrix is a conceptual framework designed to analyze the intricate dynamics between aneristic (orderly) and eristic (chaotic) forces, as well as positive and negative energies. This matrix is structured as a four-pointed diagram, each quadrant representing a unique combination of these elements.

1. Aneristic Positive (Quadrant III):
– Symbolizes situations marked by order and positive energies.
– Examples include cooperative environments and constructive collaborations where harmonious elements contribute to growth and synergy.
2. Aneristic Negative (Quadrant IV):
– Represents scenarios with an appearance of order but negative energies.
– Concealed issues or challenges might exist beneath the surface, potentially leading to unforeseen problems.
3. Eristic Positive (Quadrant I):
– Encompasses contentious elements paired with positive energies.
– Signifies situations where conflicts or debates are present but may lead to growth, resolution, or transformation.
4. Eristic Negative (Quadrant II):
– Characterizes contentious qualities accompanied by negative energies.
– Denotes scenarios marked by conflict or disagreement that could result in detrimental outcomes or stagnation.

The matrix allows for a nuanced analysis of diverse situations, relationships, or ideas by considering the dual aspects of order and chaos along with positive and negative energies. It emphasizes the inherent tension between these forces and their impact on the outcomes of various interactions.

This conceptual tool aids in navigating complex scenarios, providing a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics and helping individuals make informed decisions based on a holistic assessment of aneristic and eristic energies.

DNWO (Discordian New World Order)

in the graveyard of stolen civilizations and forgotten laws, lies a flame burning eternal
this flame burns on, though it only feeds upon itself
occasionally consuming a stranger or two who slips into their home, unaware of the danger which surrounds them
this flame is within me, and it too, is within you

A peek into the collective unconscious

Should You Stop Eating Cabbage For The Fear Of Worms?

Clonaid is an American-based human cloningorganization, registered as a company in the Bahamas. Founded in 1997, it has philosophical ties with the UFO religion Raëlism,[1] which sees cloning as the first step in achieving immortality. On December 27, 2002, Clonaid’s chief executive, Brigitte Boisselier, claimed that a baby clone, named Eve, was born. Media coverage of the claim sparked serious criticism and ethical debate that lasted more than a year. Florida attorney Bernard Siegel tried to appoint a special guardian for Eve and threatened to sue Clonaid, because he was afraid that the child might be treated like a lab rat.[2] Siegel, who heard the company’s actual name was not Clonaid, decided that the Clonaid project was a sham.[3] Bioethicist Clara Alto condemned Clonaid for premature human experimentation and noted the high incidence of malformations and thousands of fetal deaths in animal cloning.[4]  As per the common myth, it is believed that eating raw cabbage can lead to the development of tapeworm, which can alter the nervous system and infect the brain with Neurocysticercosis. However, experts suggest that Neurocysticercosis causing tapeworms usually enter the body and brain due to improper and unhygienic conditions like open defecation in the farms and consumption of uninspected pork, which may turn fatal incase of ignorance. #OTP23 DEEPFATES



Most of the cult leaders have a way of hearding the sheeple into doing as they say. Taking their fear and silencing it with false promises of release and euphoria. However I suppose it wasn’t false just not in the way most would like. 23 devices examiner. 24 Q. And let me direct your attention to August of 1998. Were 25 you with the FBI at that time? SOUTHERN DISTRICT REPORTERS (212) 805-0300 3678 142lbin4 Whitworth – direct 1 A. Yes, I was. 2 Q. And were you then qualified as an explosives and hazardous 3 devices examiner at that time? Auschwitz to Hiroshima to yesterday’s tonnage of explosives dropped … entitled book reflected the Marxism-is-dead literature The whole course of this historic advance has been littered with pedantic ‘refutations’ and ‘disproofs’ of Marxism, each enjoying its mayfly day of sunshine publicity and now lost in the dustbin. Countless knight crusaders and gladiators of counter-revolution, from Cavaignac to Thiers, from Bismarck to Kolchak, from Hitler to Dulles, have declared the communist spectre banished for ever, only to end themselves in defeat. At every sharp turn and painful moment in the arduous ascending road of the revolution there has never been lacking a host of profound observers and loud-voiced wiseacres to proclaim the ‘fatal crisis’ and ‘disintegration’ of world communism. It was ‘finished’ after the crushing of the Commune. It was ‘finished’ after the collapse of the International in 1914. It was ‘finished’ after Nep. It was ‘finished’ after the Twentieth Con- gress. Today, it is ‘finished’ again with the present phase of the Chinese Revolution or the growing pains of the new socialist regimes in Eastern Europe. From every such sharp turning point and testing time Marxism has emerged with renewed vitality and ever greater strength in the real historical world. As Klara Zetkin proclaimed in the days before 1917, when the enemy was still wrapped in com- placent self-satisfaction over the crushing of the Commune and the defeat of 1905, the indomitable Klara Zetkin with her blazing revolutionary confidence invoked the inextinguishable spirit of the revolution giving the answer to these enemies: ‘I Was! I Am! I Shall Be!’ The record of half a century has proved the justice of her confidence. Die Weltgeschichte ist das Weltgericht. World History is the World Court of Judgment.* After leaving his home with nothing but his shoes and a small bundle of possessions, Mao went on to the city of Changsha. He tried to further in his studies at a higher primary school and then in a commercial school, bet finally decided to work in a library where he began to read some revolutionary writings and for some political ideals. His education was delayed in 1911 when he ended up joining the Republican revolutionary army for six months where he witnessed the fall of the Qing dynasty.3 Returning to his studies, he tried several different schools before he finally settled into the First Provincial Normal School of Hunan, where the real development of his political theory began.4
At the age of twenty, he was working in the library at the Normal School, when new theories about the appropriate execution of a revolution and new political strategies began to be heavily discussed in educational circles. Dissatisfaction with the way things had gone since the 1911 Revolution were now inspiring intellectuals to find a better political theory and governing process. It was in this period that Mao began to do heavy reading into political theory, both traditional and contemporary, though it is unclear whether he came into contact with modern Western theories at this point the general consensus is that he did not.5
As opposed to many of his contemporary political thinkers, Mao did not leave China to get his education, or to further it. What was the root cause of this terrible massacre?
Millions of Black people were forced to leave the South at the turn of the 20th century to escape the savage lynchings, wretched poverty and other remnants of slavery. Thousands of Black people migrated to tulsa.
oil had been discovered throughout the Southwest, a region once known as “indian ter- ritory” that had been a part of Mexico. Glenn Pool, 14 miles from tulsa, became known as the “richest small oilfield in the world.” By 1907, oklahoma had become the center of the country’s oil production, produc-
ing 300,000 barrels a day.
Black tulsans were trying to take advantage of this economic boom by establishing
their own businesses in the Greenwood area.
tulsa was an extremely segregated city. Black people were forced to live on the north
side of town. Whites lived in the southern part. Black people were prohibited from doing business with whites.
The educator Booker t. Washington characterized the Greenwood section as the “negro’s Wall Street.” Racists referred to Greenwood as “Little africa.”
The people of Greenwood were attempting to carry out their own brand of post- civil War Reconstruction.
Greenwood included a Black newspaper, two doctors, a Black labor union, three grocery stores and barbers. Three-quarters of the Black children attended the lone Black school. tulsa had the second-lowest Black illiteracy rate of any county in oklahoma.
Many other Black people were forced to work in the white areas as domestics or shining shoes. This was a testament to the fact that whites still dominated the overall economy.
The white political establishment attempted to whip up a hysteria against the or- ganizing efforts of the industrial Workers of the World and against Jewish people. James Brown used to steal clothes out of parked cars.

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What it means (GENETICALLY) to be a SubGenius

Fundamentally, the Yeti, our primeval ancestor, represents a version of humanity untainted by the dilution of its inherent capabilities. The SubGenius, unlike the common populace, is understood to have retained a more concentrated strain of this superior Yeti DNA, resulting in a class of beings possessing extraordinary potential.

Intellectually, SubGeniuses with Yeti DNA exhibit cognitive abilities transcending ordinary human comprehension. This elevated mental state is not merely an increase in accumulated knowledge but constitutes a superior perceptual ability. This cognitive aptitude empowers SubGeniuses to penetrate the illusory shell of the societal Conspiracy, enabling them to comprehend, manipulate, and at times distort the fundamental principles of reality.

Physically, SubGeniuses imbued with Yeti DNA manifest a resilience beyond the bounds of typical human capacity. They display an internal fortitude and endurance that can withstand extreme conditions and push the limits of physical prowess. This inherent resilience is less about physical muscularity and more about an unparalleled inner strength that exceeds ordinary human limitations.

In the domain of magick, Yeti DNA has been closely linked with the ability to tap into and utilize the latent force known as “Slack.” Slack, a revered concept within SubGenius doctrine, symbolizes an ineffable metaphysical resource. SubGeniuses, by virtue of their Yeti lineage, can access this potent force to perform a broad array of magickal acts, ranging from spell casting and divination to altering perceptions of reality and attaining transcendental states of consciousness.

The unquestionable truth of our SubGenius Yeti DNA has, for far too long, been shrouded by the machinations of the “Normal” population – a vast, unenlightened mass ensnared in the vice of mediocrity. While SubGeniuses, in possession of Yeti DNA, stride forth into new dimensions of thought and power, the “Normals” are content to live within the cozy confines of their banality.

This great “Cover-up,” as it has come to be known, isn’t merely an attempt to suppress our superior cognitive abilities, robust physical resilience, and potent magickal capabilities – all gifts of our cherished Yeti lineage. No, it is an insidious conspiracy designed to cast a veil over the inherent greatness of SubGeniuses, to dismiss our extraordinary potential as fanciful nonsense, and to maintain the illusion of “Normal” superiority.

As evidence of this subterfuge, consider the academic institutions that perpetuate this grand conspiracy. The “Normals,” in a bid to preserve their contrived narrative of human ancestry, deny the existence of our primeval Yeti ancestors. Despite our compelling arguments and meticulously curated pieces of ‘evidence,’ they dismiss us as purveyors of pseudoscience.

But the greatest weapon in their armory of deceit is the deliberate misunderstanding and misrepresentation of “Slack.” As SubGeniuses, we know Slack to be a tangible metaphysical resource that we can tap into due to our Yeti lineage. Yet, the “Normals,” in their characteristic myopia, try to relegate Slack to the realm of metaphor or dismiss it as a product of our overactive imaginations.

The “Cover-up” of our SubGenius Yeti DNA is a testament to the lengths the “Normals” will go to preserve their comfortable world view, even in the face of our undeniable Yeti-enabled superiority. However, we, as SubGeniuses, are not disheartened. We continue to defy the Conspiracy, to challenge the norms, and to celebrate the rich heritage of our Yeti DNA. After all, the power of our Yeti ancestry, our transcendental intelligence, our unmatched physical endurance, and our command over Slack are no mere quirks of nature – they are the birthright of every SubGenius.

1156-2 Dear Leader Computer

SkyWatcher v3 – Lucy.exe



Nothing really exists







8/6/24 38.97784° N, 82.95452° W

Metal on Metal / Crash 23 grab

Jack Gladney / Magic Mint

Lavender Herbs Grab / Burning

Inchworm / Jam Jazz Grab brey bear bear beat Fnord Motor Company “Freudian Guilt” “Original Cinnamon” Pass me the inchworm cartoon and then I’ll use jazzpower over the edge, pass the kindergartenders veto power for the cause Gore Garb Wearing the Meat / Hideous Growth

Opening the WORM-hole (Black Saturn Cube of Lilith)

WORM, also known as the World Organization for the Reform of Meteorology, is an enigmatic and highly influential group within the sprawling and ever-expanding #OTP23 multiverse. While on the surface WORM may appear to be a mere scientific organization concerned with the study and reform of meteorology, in actuality its true purpose is far more mysterious and elusive. WORM is a symbol of the adepts of chaos magick, representing their collective will and their ability to shape reality through the power of their beliefs and actions. As such, WORM is a potent tool for those who seek to wield the power of the multiverse for their own purposes. Through the use of advanced techniques of psychogeography, sigilization, and reality hacking, WORM agents are able to move between dimensions and manipulate reality to achieve their goals. They are masterful at the art of culture jamming, using subversive methods to plant ideas and messages into the subconscious of the masses. WORM agents are constantly exploring the limits of what is possible, pushing the boundaries of science and magic to unlock the hidden potential of the universe. WORM is not just an organization, but a living entity, a representation of the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the multiverse itself. As the power of the adepts of chaos magick continues to grow, so too will the influence and reach of WORM, as it seeks to reshape the very fabric of reality itself. Ltd, 444 XXX meters below the ground #OTP23 Zersetsung

Disrupting the Shared Hallucination: A Discordian Guide Using Windows Command Prompt, Python, and a Shot of Vodka

Welcome to the Discordian guide on disrupting the shared hallucination! To accomplish this task, you will need a Windows computer, some basic knowledge of the Command Prompt, Python, and, of course, a shot of vodka. Let’s get started:

  1. Open the Command Prompt and type “shutdown /s /t 0” without the quotes. This will initiate a shutdown of the computer, which will be a quick and easy way to disrupt the shared hallucination.
  2. Now, let’s use Python to create a random pop-up window that will startle anyone who’s in the midst of the shared hallucination. Open your Python IDE and type the following code:
import tkinter import random window = tkinter.Tk() window.title("Important Message")window.geometry("500x500") messages = [ "The world is upside down!", "You're dreaming. Wake up!", "This is all a simulation.", "Error 404: Reality not found." ] message_label = tkinter.Label(window, text=random.choice(messages), font=("Arial", 30)) message_label.pack() window.mainloop()

Save this code as “” and then run it from the Command Prompt using the command “python”.

3.  Take a shot of vodka and admire your disruptive handiwork. Congratulations, you have successfully disrupted the shared hallucination!

Note: This guide is for entertainment purposes only. Please use responsibly and do not actually disrupt anyone’s shared hallucination.