Discordian Glitch Analysis System (D-GAS) Type 3 (substitutive) Glitches

Let’s look at various types of Glitches under the Discordian Glitch Analysis System, also known as the D-GAS.

3A. Observer views another person’s life or experiences an alternate version reality. This call fall under so-called past-life memories, apparently popping into parallel universes, and things of this nature which do not apply to the “real” you directly.

3B. Observer notices that something changes or has changed. This is related to the type 1C and type 2C where the Mandela Effect falls. That company logo on a building used to be red but now it’s always been blue. That Pokémon had a different color tail or did Chick-Fil-A never had a K on its name, or that movie “Shazam” never existed.

3C. One goes about their business; others notice a change in person. This is related to a Type 1C anomaly from the opposite perspective. You clearly remember someone wearing glasses and they never have.

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