Operation Mindfuck v3.33 (#OTP23 aka #TheGame23 mod v66.6)

A science is a formalized system of logic used to describe/predict the actions of a existential set.

A mathematic, a rhetoric, a rationality.

The strength of the success of scientific thought is due to proper adherence to the empirical process.

~<we aren’t any more right, but we’ve successfully shown we are less wrong>~

The alchemical investment. Saracen sorcery, sudden liminality provokes change. (Storytelling with fancy props…)

Give a flux, right‽

YHVH = your universe is shaped by your mental model shape

Y is the Yod, the Hadit, the Monad Emerging & Emerging & Emerging, always the same in name but never the same in experience.

What separates Operation Mindfuck v3.33 from the original Operation Mindfuck is that it generates myth with the intent of overthrowing/corrupting/hacking/glitching consensus reality, as opposed to merely causing confusion and trying to bring about a greater sense of reason amongst the mundane masses. The spreading of shocking “disinformation” is then no longer a mere game, it is a reformation of reality. Editing the code of existence. Manifesting magical mayhem. #OTP23 manifests grand conspiracies and cosmic horrors… #OTP23 is an egregore merging with reality and it’s participants with the aim of bringing about the Aeon of Eris forcefully. Too long have the oppressive patriarchal forces formerly in charge created such pain, the perception is then rewritten to allocate greater amounts of freedom and magical experience to each and every being. Don’t be a pawn, be a player!


How to Play #OTP23

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