Origin: Designed from the joint work of Ixur Anous, Jonathan Lepien and Paolo Scarpelli; this sigil arose as a way to better channel the energies of the 156 / 663 / 888 currents and better results during magical drifts.

Purpose: To serve as an oracle to the urban mage during a magical drift to helping to choose a particular direction or decision, to invoke the magic associated with paramentals according to their attributes, to mark places that can serve as gathering or meeting points for agents of the Hexorian movement or people Akin to the spiritual, artistic or social ideals of the Message, it can be used as a protective amulet during magical drifts or as a talisman to generate lucky Synchronicities during said activity.

How to use: It can be inscribed on a sheet of paper, cardboard or on the pavement with chalk or marker, then consult by invoking Hexorian deities and paramentals related to the intention of the magical user in question, on which direction to take using a pendulum, coins of I-Chings, even rocks or soda caps, or common coins. It can be inscribed in an pendent or ring to ask for protection from Hexorian deities and urban fae during a magical drift or when traveling through a particularly dangerous region of the city; also if some synchronicity is required especially related to the intervention of the paramentals through the influence of the Hexorian deities. Its use as a glammourbomb will induce a meeting point for the spirits of the city related to the region where it is placed and will act as guides for the agents of the movement who meet there or people who need it.

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