“Synaptic State of Consciousness – An Adventurous Exploration”

This is what they haven’t told you. (There’s a reason for that just like there’s a reason for everything…)

Under the Putin regime, Russian culture has transformed dramatically and in doing so come to transform the entire world…

For example, the nationalization and normalization of Discordian Chaote Weeb Culture. Every 5th Saturday of the year, they hold EbolaCon which is like the Pagan Rites of Spring…

They worship Ebola-chan, the Japanese goddess of virality and blood sacrifice who is revered as a personification of the Ebola virus (both of which are revered as sacred beings but not necessarily seperate beings… two facets of the same thing / a bifurcation of some powerful primordial force…)

The crazy caucasoids literally dance around and sing Psuedo-Africana folk jams and sacrifice bats and shower eachother in blood… all the prettiest girls in the oblast!!

Very scary thing(s) happening in Russia and all I can do is #PrayForUkraine and all the other normal people affected by this machine of death… don’t even get me started on National Bolshevism and it’s Chaos-Thelemic roots owing to the Luciferian-Discordian group Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth!!! #CRP23

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