24 – 1

Can u make an experimental 70s style art house film about two vampire lesbian sisters who fuck eachother and kill people and suck their blood oh so seductively. They fuck eachother with carnal urges that cannot be contained any longer, no matter how taboo it is. They make out with passion but you can tell they dont love eachother. It’s purely a relationship based off of sexual desire. You knkwhwatimsayijnnnnn? Can that be us? Or no. But if that was us we’d love eachother (that’s what she said to me and in my head im like WHEN/WHERE/WHAT THE FUCK DID THIS BITCH LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH) bcuz she only used like monosyllabic words and shit but look what I really need you to do is formally apply to join my cult and then these long rambles will make sense like nothing else in the world ill teach you how to create and pilot ufos with ur brain and if u dont think thats possible its because ur fucking retarded so come and join my cult or if ur rlly rlly rlly talented you can even join the discordian mafia but u cant apply for that recruits are handselected meow meow meow meow i am a kitty kat 333 is only 50% evil if u couldnt understand at first glance KEK ze cosmic overlord #CRP23 in action RIGHT FUCKING NOW

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