(c)overt moon worship – all rites reversed

Great Big America Party-Time @ Kowloon Walled City Brothel Arena https://www.reuters.com/world/china/chinas-population-shrinks-first-time-since-1961-2023-01-17/ https://youtu.be/kZAwOYUyry8

when this hypersigil (WORM) was made manifest on this physical plane, it opened what members of
the Church of
the Absurd refer to as an
Argate - meaning Alternate Reality Gate, a gateway into an alternate reality. This argate has been named the WORMHOLE, though it is not a wormhole as defined by theoretical astrophysicists. It is an ARGATE nicknamed the WORMHOLE because it was the creation of this little WORM project which sparked it’s existence.

..2:()(34)8&&&!!!!,..;, vvvvvv. 1337 #CRP23 virus 

The Jesus who loves me isn’t a man

She wasn’t Mary’s husband
She was an apprentice Divine Priestess
She was as soft as the land

My Jesus uses my pronouns because
She never was as good with a hammer
As we are with words and tears
She was the original culture jammer

God made me in her image
God made me perfectly
God made me a transgender woman
So I ask you earnestly https://youtu.be/uB1rFtKuEUk

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