#OTP23 is an occultic interdimensional conspiracy disguised as some sort of PsyOp, ARG, or post-modern art project. (It’s no coincidence you’re seeing this!) One of the ways one can participate is by leaving drops for our agents traveling through the multiverse. A drop is a strategically placed physical object hidden in plain sight somewhere out in the world. Using advanced hivemind behavioral modification technology, your every move is guided by the Goddess (ERIS DISCORDIA).

Using a mindless approach similar to automatic writing/drawing, allow strange indecipherable strings of data to make their way out of the ether into some sort of physical container using you as the medium to do it. After you have materialized the data channeled through this process, use the RandoNautica app to find the proper drop location and leave it there for the agent to retrieve. Do not linger/loiter at drop location after mission has been accomplished. Strange synchronicities may follow participation in #OTP23. You have been warned. xx52 25 93 37 33 36 62 37 23XXX THREE-DELTA 22 ZERO-ALPHA

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