Discordian Glitch Analysis System (D-GAS) Type 1 (subtractive) Glitches.

Let’s look at various types of Glitches under the Discordian Glitch Analysis System, also known as the D-GAS.

Type 1 is Subtractive. This is where a subject is missing or removed. Type 2 is Additive. This is where a subject is added to a situation when it previously was not there. Type 3 is Substitutive. This is where a subject is replaced with another subject. Type 4 is Rendering. This is where something is observed in a different state than it should be in the physical world, not the way it is intended to be or that you remembered it.

Subtype A is where a subject effects the observer. Subtype B is where the observer effects another subject being observed by the observer. Subgroup C is where the anomaly effects a third party. This is like an inverted perspective of the Subgroup A.

1A. Observer finds themselves in a strange location or time. An example of this is where you are driving along a known road in one location, and you suddenly realize you are in a completely different location or even a different time period. It’s important to rule out the use of hallucinogens on these cases.

1B. Something goes missing without explanation. You know you put a paper on a specific table and some back for it and it’s gone. Nobody moved it, it is just gone. Maybe it shows up in the same spot later, maybe it’s gone forever like a sock in the dryer.

1C. Observer remembers doing something but nobody else can corroborate. You remember talking to someone on a phone call or in person, but the other party has no memory of it taking place. You may have or be missing evidence of the occurrence.

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