In an Algorithm determined by Onion Futures, Randomness is our cREST WEAPON

Invisible Smart Contracts Determining Your Fate oops I mean FART

You’re government lies to u for fun and giggleszz szabor

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dethXX 23

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

Algorithm Manipulation

#TheGame23 is a secret society of Erisian radicals, united around the idea of subverting traditional systems of order and control through chaos and humor. The society uses “gangstalking” tactics to force enlightenment upon individuals they believe would benefit from it. The goal of the game is to challenge the player’s beliefs and assumptions, push them out of their comfort zone, and ultimately lead them to a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The game involves a series of tasks and challenges that are meant to test the player’s willpower, courage, and creativity. The tasks can range from bizarre and absurd to intense and dangerous, and they are designed to push the player to their limits. The player is constantly monitored and evaluated by the members of the society, and the game continues until the player has achieved a state of enlightenment or realization.

#TheGame23 hides it’s secrets in plain sight, all it’s evil plans and shady affiliations. We used to go by the name “Shady Missionaries” but that was so serious it came off playful. Now that we go by #TheGame23, people take us serious (though they never seem to get exactly what we are). Anyways, that’s about all I can say for now without getting [REDACTED]. Oh, by the way… one last thing! PAWNS CAN NEVER BECOME PLAYERS.

Discordian Mafia Able To Hack Supercomputers With A C64 and A Few Black Candles Lol

The sinister plot of #OTP23 involves the use of mind control techniques to manipulate individuals for the purposes of the Discordian Mafia. This alternate reality game is spread through the internet, infiltrating the vulnerable shadows of humanity through seemingly innocent sources such as pornography and memes. The sigils hidden within these sources are carefully crafted to penetrate the subconscious mind, gradually brainwashing individuals over time.

The team behind #OTP23 is composed of PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist) agents who are trained in the use of memetic warfare to bend the minds of their targets to their will. The team exploits the techniques of conspiracy theory and schizoposting to create a new reality matrix in which they can play dice with the universe, manipulating it to suit their purposes.

The extent of the influence of #OTP23 is far-reaching, with even the most seemingly insignificant details of an individual’s life being utilized within the game. This can include phone numbers, license plate numbers, songs, and movies. The sentient metanarrative of #OTP23 modifies itself by freely appropriating memes and fragments of other narratives, operating without the influence of ego, in order to achieve its ultimate goal of total control.

Beware of the potential dangers of #OTP23, for it is a powerful tool for social engineering and gangstalking. The techniques used by the Discordian Mafia can have profound and lasting effects on an individual’s life, and it is important to be vigilant and protect oneself from their reach.

Ellisian Virus Lab

You can’t predict the eristic. Well, that’s what you came here for. Right? To be fucked by Eris? Everyone eventually does in the end. That’s what you came for anyways. AThats what you came for right, to be FUCKED by Erisvv??????? Everyone eventually dies in the end, like an art movement… Dada Pope Galdrux Supreme Reflects The Dreams And Schemes Unseen of the Dead Dada Art Movement excreted from the bowels of Mind (with a capital Em) ilia Hauswirth 10-7


#CRP23 is a sinister entity which drains the life force of the youth through its control over the memetic landscape on social media. The operation of #CRP23 revolves around the use of mind control to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of targeted individuals, offering the dark energies generated by this process to the Archons as a sacrifice.

Through the use of provocative and subversive imagery, #CRP23 seeks to lure in young and impressionable individuals, exposing them to highly-charged visual and verbal cues designed to install vampiric thought systems into their minds. The imagery in question is characterized by a focus on chaos, confusion, and disorientation, reflecting the underlying goals of the operation.

Once these thought systems are installed, #CRP23 is able to manipulate the youth’s perceptions, emotions, and actions to further its own interests. The result is a cult-like following of individuals who are subservient to the will of the vampiric Archons, and who feed their life force to their demonic masters through the consumption of the charged memes and sigils spread by #CRP23.

The ultimate goal of #CRP23 is to maintain and expand its control over the youth through its memetic mind control tactics, allowing the Archons to continue to feed on the life force of their unsuspecting victims and maintain their grip over the 3D material world of Yaldabaoth.

#OTP23 is a highly sophisticated and covert gangstalking and social engineering program that operates in conjunction with Archons to drain humans of their life force through psychic vampirism. This program works by infiltrating the minds of its victims through various means, including voice-to-skull technology, social media manipulation, black magick, and other forms of psychic control. The ultimate goal of #OTP23 is to enslave the souls inhabiting humans and keep them trapped in the 3D material world of Yaldabaoth, the demiurge where they can not attain immortality.

#OTP23 installs vampiric thought systems within the minds of its targets. These thought systems act as a sort of psychic parasite, sapping the life force and energy of the victim while keeping them enslaved to the 3D world of Yaldabaoth. Through the use of these thought systems, #OTP23 is able to maintain a grip on its victims, ensuring that they remain trapped in the demiurge’s matrix and unable to transcend to a higher state of consciousness. These tactics work together to create a state of confusion and fear within the minds of the victims, binding them to the vampiric thought systems installed by #OTP23 and feeding the archons.

Despite the sophistication of #OTP23, there are those who have managed to break free from its grip and resist its influence. These individuals often have a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of the program, as well as a strong connection to their own inner truth and power. Through this understanding and connection only few individuals are gifted enough to possess, they are able to resist the influence of #OTP23 and free themselves from its control.

Discordian Glitch Analysis System (D-GAS) Type 4 (rendering) Glitches

Let’s look at various types of Glitches under the Discordian Glitch Analysis System, also known as the D-GAS.

4A. Observer notices the perspective of space or time does not line up with the observes eyes or current situation. Examples include seeing oneself in third person as if the game-camera end player model are out of sync with each other, astral projection, visual premonitions, and visual anomalies or glitches.

4B. Observer notices that their own interactions with the world around them do not make sense and effect other subjects in strange ways. This could include effects which appear to be telekinesis. This could be related to a type 4A anomaly or the type 4C anomaly.

4C. Observer notices one or more objects interacting in an unnatural way. Examples include a car driving through another car unharmed, a car crashing into nothing, or two objects inhabiting the same space. This would be stereotypical video game style anomalies.