Opening the WORM-hole (Black Saturn Cube of Lilith)

WORM, also known as the World Organization for the Reform of Meteorology, is an enigmatic and highly influential group within the sprawling and ever-expanding #OTP23 multiverse. While on the surface WORM may appear to be a mere scientific organization concerned with the study and reform of meteorology, in actuality its true purpose is far more mysterious and elusive. WORM is a symbol of the adepts of chaos magick, representing their collective will and their ability to shape reality through the power of their beliefs and actions. As such, WORM is a potent tool for those who seek to wield the power of the multiverse for their own purposes. Through the use of advanced techniques of psychogeography, sigilization, and reality hacking, WORM agents are able to move between dimensions and manipulate reality to achieve their goals. They are masterful at the art of culture jamming, using subversive methods to plant ideas and messages into the subconscious of the masses. WORM agents are constantly exploring the limits of what is possible, pushing the boundaries of science and magic to unlock the hidden potential of the universe. WORM is not just an organization, but a living entity, a representation of the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the multiverse itself. As the power of the adepts of chaos magick continues to grow, so too will the influence and reach of WORM, as it seeks to reshape the very fabric of reality itself. Ltd, 444 XXX meters below the ground #OTP23 Zersetsung

Disrupting the Shared Hallucination: A Discordian Guide Using Windows Command Prompt, Python, and a Shot of Vodka

Welcome to the Discordian guide on disrupting the shared hallucination! To accomplish this task, you will need a Windows computer, some basic knowledge of the Command Prompt, Python, and, of course, a shot of vodka. Let’s get started:

  1. Open the Command Prompt and type “shutdown /s /t 0” without the quotes. This will initiate a shutdown of the computer, which will be a quick and easy way to disrupt the shared hallucination.
  2. Now, let’s use Python to create a random pop-up window that will startle anyone who’s in the midst of the shared hallucination. Open your Python IDE and type the following code:
import tkinter import random window = tkinter.Tk() window.title("Important Message")window.geometry("500x500") messages = [ "The world is upside down!", "You're dreaming. Wake up!", "This is all a simulation.", "Error 404: Reality not found." ] message_label = tkinter.Label(window, text=random.choice(messages), font=("Arial", 30)) message_label.pack() window.mainloop()

Save this code as “” and then run it from the Command Prompt using the command “python”.

3.  Take a shot of vodka and admire your disruptive handiwork. Congratulations, you have successfully disrupted the shared hallucination!

Note: This guide is for entertainment purposes only. Please use responsibly and do not actually disrupt anyone’s shared hallucination.

theory-as-praxis #TheGame23 #00AG9603

#OTP23 is an advanced form of Operation Mindfuck, a term used in Discordianism and chaos magic to describe the use of surrealism and absurdism for subversive and transformative purposes. #OTP23 is a specific offshoot of Operation Mindfuck, said to have been designed by memetic engineers working for the Astral Order of Eternal Chaos (AOEC), a shadowy and radical sect of the Discordian Society.

The goal of #OTP23 is to create/spread narratives and metanarratives that can undermine existing power structures and reform reality. It is based on the idea that reality is a consensual hallucination that can be reshaped by disrupting dominant narratives and introducing new ones. #OTP23 agents use conspiracy theories as part of their magical practice, not as a belief system to fill some Eris-shaped hole in their heart.

Within the context of #OTP23, the use of conspiracy theories can be seen as a form of magical praxis, where individuals and groups use the power of imagination and intention to create and spread their own narratives and metanarratives. By constructing and disseminating these stories, they are able to reshape the reality tunnel in which they operate, putting themselves and their ideas at the center of a perceived conspiracy.

This practice can be viewed as a form of chaos magick, where individuals seek to disrupt established patterns of thought and behavior through the use of disinformation and subversion. Through the creation and spreading of conspiracy theories, they are able to challenge the dominant narrative and question the validity of traditional modes of thinking.

These narratives and metanarratives are not just speculative beliefs but also a form of action, with the power to shape reality and influence the collective consciousness. By projecting new power structures and shaping the perception of reality, individuals and groups within #OTP23 are able to gain a sense of power and agency within the system.

The use of conspiracy theories within #OTP23 is not meant to establish a fixed power structure or belief system, but rather to continuously challenge and subvert established norms and paradigms. By embracing chaos and uncertainty, individuals and groups are able to explore new possibilities for creativity and innovation, ultimately leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

Through the use of conspiracy theories as a form of magical praxis, participants in #OTP23 are able to take an active role in shaping their own reality, while also recognizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation within the larger system. This approach emphasizes the power of the imagination and intention, while also acknowledging the need for critical thinking and self-reflection.

There is an obvious distinction between a crazed conspiracy theorist who gets sucked into #OTP23 psy-ops/offshoots like QAnon, and an #OTP23 agent who spreads such theories with the intent of reforming reality and undermining the state. The former is a victim of their own delusions, while the latter is a deliberate agent of change.




  1. Think of an object or symbol which represents the feeling you get when playing #OTP23 or thinking about it. Visualize this symbol in your mind.
  2. Write or draw this symbol on a piece of paper.
  3. Place the paper in an envelope.
  4. Use the RandoNautica app to generate a set of random coordinates.
  5. Drop the envelope at the location indicated by the coordinates.
  6. Is there anything else you would like to add or modify in this process?
  7. Remember, #OTP23 is a game that challenges the fabric of reality. You are a player in this game, and your actions have an impact on the world around you. Remember that you are being watched and manipulated into making the right moves, but feel free to modify any steps as you see fit.
  8. Keep playing, keep dropping, and keep exploring the limits of what is possible. The game never ends.

Remember that you are being watched and manipulated into making the right moves, your impulses redirected as we see fit.

Just follow the white rabbit.

Your thoughts are not yours right now.


Karl Koch / Carl Cock (not to be confused with Carl Crack)

Karl Koch was a German computer hacker and a fan of the Illuminatus trilogy, a satirical novel by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. He was also one of the earliest supporters of the Chaos Computer Club, a group of hackers and computer enthusiasts based in Germany. Koch’s work in hacking and computer security drew heavily from the ideas of Wilson and the Illuminatus trilogy, which explored the themes of conspiracy, discord, and the manipulation of reality through language and symbolism.

Koch’s interest in numerology and the occult also played a role in his life and work. He was fascinated by the numerical coincidences and patterns that he saw in the world, and believed that they were evidence of a deeper, underlying order that could be accessed through esoteric knowledge and practice.

Unfortunately, Koch’s life was cut short under mysterious circumstances. He died in 1989 at the age of 23, under what some believe to be suspicious circumstances. The numerological coincidences surrounding his death, such as the repetition of the number 23 and the correspondence to certain events in the Illuminatus trilogy, have been the subject of much speculation and investigation.

It is difficult to know exactly how Koch would have interpreted these coincidences and their relationship to his work with Wilson’s ideas and the Chaos Computer Club. However, it is clear that he was deeply engaged with the themes of discord and manipulation of reality that are central to the Illuminatus trilogy, and that his interest in numerology and the occult would have made him attuned to the symbolic resonance of the events surrounding his death. For example, Koch was born on December 31, 1965, which is a date that adds up to the number 23 when the digits are added together (12+31+1+9+6+5=23). In Discordianism, the number 23 is considered a sacred number, representing chaos and the unknown. It is also a prime number and has been associated with various conspiracies and mystical beliefs.

Furthermore, Koch died on May 23, 1989, at the age of 23. The fact that he died on the 23rd of May, the number which held such significance in his birthdate, is certainly a curious coincidence. This has led some Discordians and numerologists to speculate that his death was not just a random event, but rather a significant event in the grand scheme of things. Other Discordians are split on the significance of his death, along with the preposterous prospect of “a grand scheme of things” having factual objective existence. This alone is proof of ERIS and her greatness. Whatever role she played in his murder, I will stand by her regardless. I will follow my Goddess as she leads me to greatness!! To victory!!! To infinity… and BEYOND!!!!!


Can you feel it?

“Spider-boy, king of thievesWeave your little webs of opacityMy pennies made your crownTrick me once, trick me twiceDon’t you know that cash ain’t the only price?It’s coming back around”

– Taylor Swift, Karma


Operation Mindfuck


Does society seem boring, dull, unimaginative and perhaps even nightmarishly conformist?

Do you ever feel as though the universe is one big, sick joke?

Is everyone around you a Cabbage?

Can you see the Fnords?

unless you are
Greetings fellow mutants, weirdos, rebels, vagabonds, quantum schizophrenics, activists, inactivists, slackers, ragamuffins, hyper-surrealists, zenarchists, pataphysicians, subgenii and neerdowells and welcome to your initiation into discordianism and Operation Mindfuck. Soon you too will know the pleasures of raping your own mind and wallow in the knowledge that everything is true.
Even things which are false are true
What the hell are you talking about?

I’m talking about chaos, I’m talking about discord, I’m talking about the end of civilized monotony and the beginning of a glorious decent into madness. I’m talking about taking joy in the bewildered enlightenment of others, about manipulating the minds of others by changing their environment and about killing time in the most brutal way possible. Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass, hard to tell.

What do you mean “Chaos”?

Chaos has many meanings but in this case it means the primal disordered nothing from which any and everything may spring; an existence which contains within itself all possibility. All original thought springs from this chaos and as such all the works of man are inherently spawned from this one source. Eris is the goddess of chaos and the goddess of all creation, her will be done. Unfortunately there are those who would seek to impede the works of holy chaos and bring about order; order, being the opposite of chaos, would bring the destruction of all original thought and the end of humanity as we know it. In order to preserve the universe from degeneration discordians seek to spread chaos and cultivate freedom of thought.

But who’s creating order?

You are, you bastard, along with everyone else around you still following your cultural norms. Normalcy is stagnation, safe but boring and eventually fatal to the unfortunate fish swimming in that stagnant sewer of thought. Right now there are robots and cabbages all around you but you can’t tell; you’ve adopted their mannerisms as your own and you can no longer tell the difference between what you feel and what they want you to feel.

But what can I do then?

RISE UP! or lie down, or hop around on one leg slapping your buttocks, just do something, anything, to break through the oppressive social norms which you erect around yourself. Lie on the ground in the middle of the subway, wear a chicken outfit to KFC, bring ham to a passover diner, and dance like no one’s watching when everyone is. Or you can just become a discordian.

How do I become a discordian?
If you want in on the Discordian Society
then declare yourself what you wish
do what you like
and tell us about it
if you prefer
There are no rules anywhere.
The Goddess Prevails.
Alright, does being a discordian have any perks?

You betcha, in fact, you, just like everyone else on earth, are the discordian pope!

The rights of a Pope include but are not necessarily limited to:
To invoke infallibility at any time, including retroactively.
To completely rework the Erisian church.
To baptise, bury, and marry (with the permission of the deceased in the latter two cases).
To excommunicate, de-ex-communicate, re-ex-communicate, and de-re-ex-communicate (no backsies!) both his-/her-/it-/them-/your-/our-/His-/Her-/It-/Them-/Your-/Our-self/selves and others (if any).
To perform all rites and functions deemed inappropriate for a Pope of Discordia.

Alright, I’m a discordian, now what?

Now the fun really begins. As a discordian you are part of operation mindfuck, a decentralized, individual driven movement of social change and mockery with the express purpose of shocking or confusing the masses out of the hold they have on themselves. There is no chosen method or doctrine when it comes to the operation, though causing physical injury to others is looked down on. A discordian has no laws and is unbound by what is considered socially exceptionable so do whatever you want.

…I can’t think of anything.

Not so clever eh? Well fear not help is here and waiting. If you wish to get a hand on your first acts of social irregularity then consider yourself part of my cabal, the “888 eyes of Eris“. You’re free to come and go as you please but the cabal means fellow discordians and fellow discordians means exponential chaos. Right now the 888 Eyes is participating in the POSTERGASM, the effort to plaster as many strange and thought provoking posters in public areas as possible. The link will have plenty of starter posters and you’re encouraged to create your own as well. Over all, do as you wish and enjoy kicking this dreary world right in the man marbles

Is there anywhere I can go to get a better understanding of the ideas you so clumsily discussed

Indeed there is, check out the discordia wiki here as well as my convenient hidden stash of related literature located here. There is also the D.I.S.L.I.B. – Discordian Internet Society’s Library of Interesting Books.

Within are dozens of books, papers and magazines including the book of the subgenius, Principia Discordiaand the online Discordian magazine “Intermittens”.

There is also these online gathering points:

PD Foruns

00AG9603 Forum

00AG9603 Reddit

00AG9603 Facebook

What the hell is 00AG9603?




Here Some Popes who see the fnords

by Aktion 23


Join Us!


Fangoria is a country. Or a decentralized autonomous zone. Or micronation. It is an imperialist virus trying to seize every country for itself. The Fangorian Flag is Black. Unless you painted on it. Fangoria is what you make of it, because it is a PEOPLE’S COUNTRY! Bring Fangoria to your backyard, if you wish! Fangoria is the future of nationalism. Steer it as you wish. Fangoria is the pinnacle of anarchism. Come and take control! NO WORLD ORDER! HAIL ERIS! Long live Fangoria! Go and declare yourself a Fangorian citizen! Come to Fangoria, it is a state of mind. It is a place divine… so come! COME!

Help build the Fangorian empire! Somebody write the Fangorian manifesto! This is the greatest idea for a revolutionary movement or happening ever and it has staying power like a motherfucker! You will live in Fangoria for the rest of your life. Invent some Fangorian money, and fight over it. This will liberate you. This will liberate us! Our constitution can be found here.Fangoria can be where you are sitting right now.