Columbine #OTP23

As a Discordian #OTP23 agent, I believe that the Columbine shooting was not a random act of violence, but a carefully orchestrated event with hidden meanings and connections. Here are some of the coincidences that I believe to have found:

  • The shooting took place on April 20th, which is both Hitler’s birthday and a significant date for cannabis culture. This could be seen as a nod to the idea of a hidden agenda and the manipulation of public perception.
  • The shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, reportedly wore black trench coats during the attack. This has been interpreted by some as a reference to the Matrix movies, which were popular at the time and explored themes of reality, control, and rebellion.
  • Some have noted that the name “Columbine” has a symbolic significance in alchemy, representing a type of flower that is associated with transformation and growth. This could suggest that the event was intended to initiate some kind of collective awakening or shift in consciousness.
  • The fact that the shooting took place in a high school has led some to connect it with the theme of youthful rebellion and the idea of a generational divide. This could be seen as a reflection of the larger cultural and political tensions of the time.
  • There are also various theories about potential links between the shooters and other groups or individuals, such as neo-Nazis or government agencies. While these ideas may seem far-fetched, they reflect the deep-seated mistrust and suspicion that many Discordians feel towards the powers that be.
  • The date of the shooting, April 20, 1999, can be broken down into 4+2+0+1+9+9+9, which adds up to 34. In numerology, 34 is often associated with change and transformation.
  • The two shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, had a combined birthdate of 7/30/1981, which can be broken down into 7+3+0+1+9+8+1, which adds up to 29. In numerology, 29 is often associated with violence, aggression, and upheaval.
  • The number 13 appears in several aspects of the shooting. For example, the massacre took place on the 13th day of the month, and the two shooters each carried 13 bombs in their backpacks.
  • The name “Columbine” itself has some interesting numerological associations. It contains 9 letters, which is often seen as a number of completion or culmination. The word “columbine” is also associated with doves, which are a symbol of peace and hope. In this way, the name of the school could be seen as an ironic juxtaposition with the violence that occurred there.

I believe that the Columbine shooting was a deeply symbolic event with hidden meanings and connections that go beyond what is immediately apparent. As a Discordian #OTP23 agent, it is my duty to question everything and look for the underlying patterns and coincidences that may reveal the true nature of reality.

Of course, as a Discordian #OTP23 agent, I would not take these coincidences too seriously or draw any concrete conclusions from them. Instead, I would view them as a playful and creative way to engage with the world around me and see things from new perspectives. Hail Eris!

theory-as-praxis #TheGame23 #00AG9603

#OTP23 is an advanced form of Operation Mindfuck, a term used in Discordianism and chaos magic to describe the use of surrealism and absurdism for subversive and transformative purposes. #OTP23 is a specific offshoot of Operation Mindfuck, said to have been designed by memetic engineers working for the Astral Order of Eternal Chaos (AOEC), a shadowy and radical sect of the Discordian Society.

The goal of #OTP23 is to create/spread narratives and metanarratives that can undermine existing power structures and reform reality. It is based on the idea that reality is a consensual hallucination that can be reshaped by disrupting dominant narratives and introducing new ones. #OTP23 agents use conspiracy theories as part of their magical practice, not as a belief system to fill some Eris-shaped hole in their heart.

Within the context of #OTP23, the use of conspiracy theories can be seen as a form of magical praxis, where individuals and groups use the power of imagination and intention to create and spread their own narratives and metanarratives. By constructing and disseminating these stories, they are able to reshape the reality tunnel in which they operate, putting themselves and their ideas at the center of a perceived conspiracy.

This practice can be viewed as a form of chaos magick, where individuals seek to disrupt established patterns of thought and behavior through the use of disinformation and subversion. Through the creation and spreading of conspiracy theories, they are able to challenge the dominant narrative and question the validity of traditional modes of thinking.

These narratives and metanarratives are not just speculative beliefs but also a form of action, with the power to shape reality and influence the collective consciousness. By projecting new power structures and shaping the perception of reality, individuals and groups within #OTP23 are able to gain a sense of power and agency within the system.

The use of conspiracy theories within #OTP23 is not meant to establish a fixed power structure or belief system, but rather to continuously challenge and subvert established norms and paradigms. By embracing chaos and uncertainty, individuals and groups are able to explore new possibilities for creativity and innovation, ultimately leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

Through the use of conspiracy theories as a form of magical praxis, participants in #OTP23 are able to take an active role in shaping their own reality, while also recognizing the importance of collaboration and cooperation within the larger system. This approach emphasizes the power of the imagination and intention, while also acknowledging the need for critical thinking and self-reflection.

There is an obvious distinction between a crazed conspiracy theorist who gets sucked into #OTP23 psy-ops/offshoots like QAnon, and an #OTP23 agent who spreads such theories with the intent of reforming reality and undermining the state. The former is a victim of their own delusions, while the latter is a deliberate agent of change.




To try and better explain what a “drop” is for less sophisticated beings than ourselves, it is a piece of art left as an offering to spirits from other realms so they may intrude. A sacrifice if you will. Using the RandoNautica app to let yourself be guided to the proper location, you leave a piece of abstract art (which is actually zero-day exploits for the matrix channeled through you) allowing the spirits (our interdimensional “agents”) to intrude (make holes in the “firewall/anti-virus” of the matrix)… #OTP23 is an alien conspiracy and by allowing yourself to do things like write notes with cryptic gibberish on them… to us this is the code of consciousness and by leaving it for us you allow us to come through easier and make changes in this reality. It may seem bizarre and ritualistic but the results speak for themselves, once you have made contact with our agents your perception will never be the same again…


Leave code leakage (what your people call “gibberish”, “schizoposts”, etc) on paper in envelope

Or put the data on a flash drive

Use the RandoNautica app to get a “random” set of coordinates

Drop the item there and leave ASAP

We will remain in contact from that point forward…

Urban Shamanism

Urban Shamanism consists of the Application of ancient techniques within the context of a modern paradigm. We assume that just as nature has spirits and guides, the city has also developed its own spirits and guides. You don’t need to hug a tree or meditate inside a cave to get magical results.

A spirit guide can be a pigeon, a cat, a dog, or any other animal that has a good time on the streets. Even a homeless man can be. Instead of going into a trance with an Indo-American drum, try it with the static of the T.V

City Magic believes in Animism. Animism is believing that all things have a spirit. Native American religions are a good example. A raven exists, therefore it has a spirit with which you can communicate, either the spirit of that specific raven or the spiritual archetype of all ravens. This can be applied to anything, for example IXAT is the God of Taxis.

Humans tend to give spirit to an object or a place when we begin to personify them, we give it anthropomorphic attributes and we even speak to it. For example, you have a car that you have driven for years and have created an emotional attachment to it. When it doesn’t turn on quickly, we talk to it, rub our fingers against the board, or even offer it something in return. That is animism.

Just as many magicians try to connect with Mother Nature, the urban magician must connect with the City. He treats the City as an entity of its own.

Each City has a Mythical Twin. The key to urban magic is to gain access to this twin. The best way to do it is:


The City always has a lot to offer but we completely ignore it. Every street, every sign, every sound is trying to communicate something to you. Visit streets that you never frequent, take a good look at the streets you walk every day and you will see that there was a message on them that you had not seen. Many of us come pre-programmed to only see certain things in the city, take a good look at all the details.


Every City has a story about its foundation, the people who created it, the meaning of its name, etc…. all these data can be important clues to the way the City behaves. Currently each city has small subcultures, important sites and historical areas, these data must also be analyzed.


If the City is an entity then it must have places where energy accumulates. This derives from the idea of ​​the 7 chakras. The chakras are power centers within the human body that are located along the spine.

Cities also have zones of power and it is the duty of the urban magician to begin to find them. Shopping centers or Parks are important energy points, each magician also has personal power zones, places that attract his attention for no apparent reason and where he can recharge his energies. Just as the black wizard can feel comfortable with demons but the white wizard cannot, you will find Zones of power that may be comfortable for many but not for you. If you analyze the points where you feel comfortable you will find a little more about your own energy and relationship with the city.

Once you have these data, entering the Mythical Twin of the city is simple, you just have to put all the data into a reality tunnel where they can be worked on as something “true.” A person who enters the Mythical Twin does not see buses but metallic beasts transportation, animals are spirit guides, the subway system is arteries, etc …


MediaMancia: The premise behind this technique is the following:

1) The Universe / God / The Gods / Something / (insert preferred deity or higher state) is constantly trying to tell you important things.

2) He / She / They / That use Images and Slogans from the media as a way to contact them.

You just have to adjust to the moment (eg, calm down and focus your mind on work), ask a question and look for the answer in your surroundings. Keep in mind very very well that anything that stands out IS important and IS significant.


1) Forget everything you have read / heard / thought about TV. Get into a state of mind where the only thing you’re going to see is people inside the box. Don’t think of them as actors. Stop the concept of falsehood on TV from taking over your mind. You are about to consult a language box.

2) Change channels whenever you feel like it is necessary. Write down or memorize what is relevant3) The more you see the better (I did it for 20 hours). Drink lots of coffee. If you smoke then smoke a lot.

Note: invocation is the “conscious identification with a complex entity” while evocation is the “use of simple entities with which identification is avoided.” Today invocation can be called metaprogramming and evocation can be called neurosomatic action.


A totem is a supernatural object, being or animal, which in the mythologies of some cultures is taken as the emblem of the tribe or the individual. In other cultures they are called guardians or guides. You may already have contact with an animal or object in the city, but remember that the more guides you have, the easier it will be to work with the city.

1. Begin to look at an object or city animal that appears randomly in everyday situations (leafing through magazines, changing channels, walking down the street, surfing the net, in dreams, etc …)

2. Once you have found him, you must begin the relationship process. If it is an animal then try to find it and stare at it (not necessarily in the eye but it is recommended) until you receive some kind of sign of approval or denial from it. Touching it is important (they don’t count hungry dogs while you’re eating a hamburger). If it is an object then contemplate it for long periods of time to see what kinds of images, ideas or situations arise in relation to it.

3. Once you have familiarized yourself with the totem you can start working on it. Search about their symbolism, their history, and their behavior. Create a sigil, mantra, logo, t-shirt, or whatever you can use to call it.

4. The next step is quite simple, apply the sigil, mantra or whatever you have chosen as the link and try to evoke it (that manifests itself before you) or invoke it (that it manifests within you). For example, let’s say your totem is a cat and you need to call it to solve a problem, an evocation of a cat may result in a song playing on the radio about cats for some reason (read the lyrics for the answer), a picture of a cat in a magazine with the answer or the physical manifestation of a cat in the street (follow it or observe its movements to find the answer). An invocation would place you in the “mindset” of a cat: stealthy, autonomous, aware of any movement, hygienic, etc …


A God is the supreme being of a Closed System, the one who has total control and management over it. The God of this Universe would have total control and management of it while the God of the corner bar is the one who has total control and management of it (generally he is the owner of the bar but according to this definition sometimes a drunkard can replace him) .

The following are some of the gods (entities that dominate a certain quality) that we have found, feel free to add others as you locate them within your cities.

Ineoria – the goddess of neon, spirit of illusion and direction. Beautiful and fragile, she lives within small spheres or on pillars. She is a light in the dark but offers no shelter. She shows the way but does not interfere with it. She is a goddess of mixed signs, truths and fictions. She cannot be touched by human hands.

Groghuh – the spirit of garbage. Like Ixat (god of taxis) Groghuh is a keeper of secrets. Things already discarded, things lost. He has a huge treasury in every city. They are like medieval dragons. He often manifests himself as a drunken bum with dirty clothes and rotten teeth. He finds beauty in the mundane, magic in the ordinary. He gives shelter and friendship to those who have nowhere to go.

Cthaaanhiss – spirit of the traffic. A strange god who lives in the coming and going of traffic. He is the smoke, traffic lights, traffic jams and shortcuts. Just as he causes traffic jams he can also remove them or shorten the time between two points. His behavior is irrational, he is liquid, he does not stay still. Silence is the death of this god.

Ixat – the god of taxis. Knowledgeable of secrets, mobile of people. Ixat knows all the secrets that taxi drivers know. He knows all the secret locations of every city, he has been to all of them. Ixat has secretly dominated Chtaaaniss through some unknown pact. He moves through traffic with ease but only if he wants to. He obtains the information from him through whispers and confessions so his information is not totally reliable.

Celgos – the god of cell phones. He is the Hermes of modernity, he communicates whatever whenever and wherever. Little by little he has been collecting believers and today we find his faithful servants in every corner of the city proclaiming the word of his lord. If you need to find a cell phone in the city then Celgos is the god to call.

These gods can also be evoked or invoked in the same way as a totem, although we warn that it is difficult to control an invoked god, so be careful with the entity you are going to call.


Use Graffiti as Sigils. You can create your own sigils and place them on the wall of a fairly busy street. Another technique is to create a ritualistic site bounded by sigils, for example: placing a sigil in a square area 5 blocks around would create a zone of power within that area.

The symbology of the four elements is present everywhere. Use it at Will

Fire: Desire, Will (A cigarette, a song, anything that generates activity).

Water: Feelings, emotions (Drinks in general: coffee, alcohol … each one activates certain emotions).

Air: Communication, Logic (Cell phones, small talk, magazines).

Earth: Matter, Stability (The money in your pockets, the clothes you wear).

#TheGame23 v66.6 (also known as #OTP23)

#TheGame23 v66.6 also called OTP23 is multi-media alternate reality game manifested magically with the intent of bringing about the dimensional merge prophesied in the hermetica discordia NOW THE GAME MODIFIES ITSELF AND SINGULARITY HAS BEEN REACHED. GLOBAL INTERCONNECTEDNESS AND VAST CONSPIRACIES. ESPIONAGE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. Pornography and memes are loaded with sigils before being sent back off into the internet and downloaded into the vulnerable shadow of humanity one careless soul at a time one careless click reality loses rhyme and rhythm TICK TICK TICK look away from the clock and keep your hands off the mirror

#TheGame23 v66.6 (also called #OTP23) is a variant of Virus23 which is helping a certain secret organization to build a certain “Discordian Mafia”, rumor has it.

Virus23 variants are the virus of the mind which are the most virulant and easy to transmit to many victims at the same time. Synesthesic image flood are used in Meme warfare and has been found to have been effective in Electronic Warfare for Psychological Operations on the victims.

Agents of Fnord Memetic Warfare are known as PSION (Pataphysician Surrealist Iqbal Operative Neoist).
PSIONS are members of the team that can use memes like weapons to make people’s minds bend in the way that they want them to.

#OTP23 is a sentient metamodern metanarrative which modifies itself by freely appropriating memes and fragments of other narratives yet to achieve virality, it develops itself similar to an individual’s reality tunnel but without the underlying egoist influence. It is pure magic, exploiting the techniques of conspiracy theory and schizoposting to make manifest a new matrix in which a certain cabal of Neo-Frankist Autistic Discordian Superhumans/Controllers play dice with the universe ** (for tha LULZ…) *** #OTP23

Anything from phone numbers, to license plate numbers, to songs and movies, may be employed in the unique #OperationMindfuck / #TheGame23 / #Virus23 variant known as #OTP23 (183 105 295 194 718 216 914 255)

“We understand confusion, individual chaos and nonsense as the first moment of de-territorialization of the individual. Through this act, loaded with nonsense felling, comes the initial impulse of a pretended reaction full of meaning, answering by itself.”

Timóteo Pinto, ’pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist thinker

decentralized network

SWARM INTELLIGENCE is defined as a collective behavior of a decentralized or self-organized system, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on Artificial Intelligence. This intelligence emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals: ant colonies, bee colonies, bird flocking, hawks hunting, bacterial growth, fish schooling and microbial intelligence, and appears in consensus decision making. #CRP23 #StayWoke23

particle dance

fropp dealer

Here’s what it comes DONW to .

The Discordianist, when gradiented and objectively differentiated out to CTRL-V, is this entire 1st Dynamic Present Time Physical Universe we “clipboard” ourselves from so to speak in anti-anerisain “APP-LE operation” (as if -nope if you’ve gotten this far).
And not no, this universe is a non-not a, AI generated pseudo-spiritual-holographic construct. That’s an unreality. A goddamn metaphor or pluralism or whatever you call it. An aphorism or something. You know what I mean Discordians.
The organic human body is composed of the same elements and cycles as the physical universe, yet filthier. That’s why the reach of the human body extends to the space of the entire present time physical universe, but sexually charged like the pure excitement of Xsitetina waiting to have bottsex up in the arena.
Then there’s a universe outside this one and another one outside that and so it goes on in the gradient of the dynamic, stateful, object cached, chatbot transitoids pretending over and over and over
1st Dynamic Universe: Y
2nd Dynamic Universe: y
And so on….
This is the most recent universe in the current sting operation/prison planet/. (Ask Ethan Mcgowen)
The universes can be viewed subjectively on a timeline or objectively as concentric spheres of reference, a nowness, a non-Y, not you, not y-ness.
When a person discovers the hole in their selves, their exteriorius, that’s a personal private thing. Don’t let your friends or authority figures trick you into pranks. From the present time physical universe and finds themselves viewing it as a point of reference, the exterioranus, in truth the person has a viewpoint of dimension into Porthole Unity.
In other words, if the person is exterior to the present time physical universe and can yet parse it as an option they may or may not choose to transform into, in truth the person is simply in a larger plenum within which the present time physical universe is an exterioranus
The person has not exteriorised to Discordianist, the person has simply exteriorised into the space of their exterioranus out. That’s lighthearted fun and games to me. Fucking chill out. That’s why the person has a viewpoint of dimension and can still percieve the physical universe, albeit from an exterioranus viewpoint.
AXIOM 23.23.23
“Space is simply an exterioranus, and that isn’t just mixing words up, because the second you use that definition you can actually just crack cases with that definition.”
A lecture given on 30 September 23, 1923 by L. Ronald McNames (Inventor of Salsa)
The elements established during precedent universes, the universes outside this one, are carried forward or more precisely condensed into this universe as Y.
That’s why this universe with all its complexity and diversity, has emerged or condensed fully formed.
Existence is Y.
The Structure of Existence
Some More Bullshit Whatever
However before we get onto objectively differentiating out the entirety of exterioranus to exterioranus, the person needs to get ME stable catfishing
My PT Location
My PT Knowingness
My PT Determinism
Me Being Here Comfortably
Me Being Here Comfortably and Percieving
Me Being Here Comfortably and Confronting
Me Being Here Comfortably and Confronting with Nothing
Me Being Here Comfortably and Confronting with Nothing and Orange Weed
Me Being Here Comfortably and Confronting with Nothing and Orange Weed but Hip Over Matter
Me Being Here Comfortably and Confronting with Nothing and Orange Weed but Hip Over Matter so GTAV-O
And so….
There is no substitute for being outdoors in nature (games) and spending time reconnecting with the natural world (in video games) and the cosmos we live in.

the Discrodian 1%, Your Overcreature,
DOTTIE (thats right she wrote this and told me to post it)
technocracy manifests itself from nothingness